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March 2018

Here’s a brief overview and update on what SMV has been up to:

As you know, Save Madison Valley has been working for the past two years to help the City and the Design Review Board recognize the substantial problems the proposed project in its current form poses to our community.

In September 2017 the Design Review Board recommended, with several conditions, that the City review the project for a Master Use Permit (MUP). Save Madison Valley has been working since that time to make sure that the developer follows the Board’s recommendations and conditions, and follows the City’s laws and policies before the City issues any permits.

Although the project is still flawed, we expect that the City will issue the MUP soon, perhaps even within the next few weeks. When the MUP is issued Save Madison Valley will appeal. This is because SMV believes that in issuing the MUP the City is ignoring City laws and disregarding their own policies.

Save Madison Valley’s appeal will claim that the City should not issue a MUP for this project in its current form because:

  • The project will have significant adverse traffic and transportation impacts.
  • All vegetation would be removed from the site, violating City laws and policies and State environmental laws regarding removal of urban forest groves and exceptional trees.
  • The project does not adequately address wastewater, surface runoff, or local groundwater in this flood-prone area.
  • The project’s height and bulk are out of scale to the area.

As soon as the City issues the MUP we will send out an email to our community and begin to mount our appeal to the City.  We have already done much of the background research for the appeal, including gathering data and working with our expert consultants.

THANK YOU! for standing with us and for caring about preserving the livability of our neighborhood. We are glad to be working on behalf of our great Madison Valley community.

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Kevin Murphy of the group Save Madison Valley demonstrates the size of a new supermarket development slated for the Madison Valley neighborhood.

We want to develop Madison Valley responsibly.


Save Madison Valley is a community of neighbors committed to the livability, safety, and vibrancy of the Madison Valley neighborhood in Seattle.


The Development:

Velmeir, a Michigan-based development company, is purchasing the Madison Valley home of City People's Garden Store. In the place of City People's, Velmeir plans to construct a mixed-use building of more than 165,000 square feet with 75 residential units and a parking garage with 157 spaces.


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