Things I Love About Madison Valley

Guest post by Melissa

I’m standing outside my backdoor looking North West at the towering Poplar trees gently swaying in the cool May winds. The blackberry bramble blankets the hillside slope. Just last month, on my daily neighborhood walk, the ornamental cherry blossoms sprinkled petals that paved the sidewalk pink. 

It’s so green here!

The Mad P community pea patch grows bigger everyday; tall artichoke bushes, rows of romaine, and dozens of herbs and veggies. Raspberry bushes line the outside of the fence, along with exploding roses and the hops wind around the gate. Neighbors are tending to the garden with their children. 

There are numerous Robins, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Yellow Warblers and Hummingbirds singing and fluttering about. Squirrels bound from the Cherry Trees. Spring is definitely in the air. 

Where else can you walk a few blocks from your home and visit miniature horses, Vivio & Shazam! It’s a thrill to stroll around the neighborhood seeing so many gardens growing, flowers blooming and people who care about nurturing their homes.

It’s the undeveloped natural beauty of Madison Valley that makes this neighborhood so appealing. I love living here.