Peter Steinbrueck and Save Madison Valley Set the Stage for Design Review

Thanks to everyone who attended the Save Madison Valley Community Meeting on June 18th. Peter Steinbrueck gave a wonderful overview of the Design Review Process and explanation of why community involvement is necessary. As he put it - we know our community better than any review board or out-of-state developer. The Design Review Board wants and needs our input!

A summary of the many questions, comments, and concerns from the audience is below.

For those who would like to write to government officials about this development, we have provided contact details and example letters on our website


Community Comments and Concerns


The Building

  • It is much too large with no buffer or transition between it and single family housing or the pedestrian scale.
  • There are significant geotechnical concerns including storm water management, an underground spring, and the water table level.
  • The entrance to the destination retailer is lower than street level. Was this done to increase the height of the building? What is the impact on the pedestrian zone?

Parking Garage

  • It is not below ground on Dewey.
  • It includes significantly more parking than required by the City.
  • If garage traffic is backed up, people will park on the street and walk to the retailer(s).


  • The development might not have an environment impact statement even though significant green space, including a mature tree canopy, will be removed with no plan to replace it with a comparable green space.
  • Can the environmental decision be challenged, if the development is determined to be a nonsignificant environmental impact?


  • Heavy traffic is already an issue. Additional traffic resulting from a destination retailer will cause further backups on Madison, Lake WA Blvd, MLK, and residential side streets.
  • There are concerns about the traffic impact on pedestrian safety & walkability as well as emergency services (fire engines, ambulances, police).

Destination Supermarket

  • What impact will late closing hours (11pm or midnight) have on the neighborhood?

Other Comments

  • Residents will come and go at all hours resulting in traffic and noise in an exposed garage.
  • Future HALA upzoning is a concern.
  • There is concern about the staircase from Madison to Dewey turning the valley into a parking lot for people going to Madison/retailer/residents and people visiting residents.
  • Design Review is the appropriate process for civic engagement.

If you have any further comments you would like to share with Save Madison Valley, please feel free to send us an email at Thank you for your continued support.