An Open Letter to PCC

We look forward to welcoming you to the Madison Valley community.

Many of us in the greater community appreciate that we can shop at PCC and know we will get food that has been produced in a manner that supports sustainable agriculture, local farmers, fair labor standards, and practices environmental stewardship.  These values, and a commitment to building community, are in your mission statement and are a part of your reputation.  As a co-operative, PCC is known for putting community before profit.

We want to tell you about the building that is presently being proposed to house your new store in Madison Valley.

  • the height, bulk and scale of the building dramatically overwhelms the site (a mid-block triangle on a steep slope, two sides abutting single-family homes)
  • a mature urban tree canopy and green space will be removed
  • a two-story parking garage will be exposed on one-side, sending fumes, light, and noise onto single-family homes 23 feet away
  • a large blank wall will stand 15 feet from single-family homes on one and one-half sides
  • a hillside will be removed and replaced by a garage
  • on the side facing the Valley this 4-story building will actually measure 6 stories
  • a 158-car garage will open onto Madison Street, which is two lanes at that point and heavily congested at peak traffic times already
  • no affordable housing is being offered
  • no family housing is included (predominantly studio, and 1-bedroom apartments)

This building is misplaced because of its scale and scope, its impact on the area, and it is disrespectful of the community.  It works only in so far as an attempt is being made to squeeze every possible dollar out of the property on the backs of the surrounding neighbors and the larger Madison Valley community.

This does not sound like the kind of project that PCC would choose to be associated with.  You are now in the position where you appear to be supporting (even driving) the building of an “anti-green” building that the vast majority of the community thinks will change the character of the neighborhood in significant and negative ways – all outlined above.

We understand that you are not in charge of this project.  However, sketches, flyers, and banners have announced the coming of “the PCC building.”  In the eyes of much of the greater community this project is about bringing PCC to Madison Valley.


We would ask that you exercise your voice and considerable power to help make this project one that PCC can be proud of.  Just as you have established the need for PCC to have a larger sidewalk in front of the entrance, or large windows to bring light into your store, we hope you will see the benefit to advocating for a more responsible building that is in line with the values that you as a cooperative have until now demonstrated in your business. 

Specifically, we would like to see:

*a smaller grocery, 10-15,000 square feet, in the space (something between your smallest stores, such as View Ridge, and your larger, suburban supermarkets, such as in Issaquah or Redmond)

*the minimal number of parking spaces allotted

*affordable housing for families (e.g., 3-bedroom units), which would also minimize the impact of cars on the already over-burdened Madison Street

*the green space and tree canopy preserved and the natural topography respected

Finally, we would like to extend an open invitation to any and all members of the Board and to the CEO to please come and view this site.   We would welcome a chance to show you around and walk with you.  It is a lovely part of Madison Valley and we would like to help you become an integral part of this thriving community.


Save Madison Valley