Design Review Board Asks Velmeir for Changes

Tonight Velmeir and Meng Strazzara presented their development proposal for the City People's site to the Design Review Board. Save Madison Valley gave a coordinated presentation of how the proposed Velmeir building was inconsistent with many of the City's Design Guidelines, and numerous people spoke up for and against the proposal as it was presented.

After listening to the architect and the community, the Board members discussed the proposed development with each other and found it to be lacking. The Board suggested several changes that it would like to see in the next proposal.

What does this mean? The proposed Velmeir development will need to go through a second Design Review Meeting giving the Board and the community another opportunity to weigh in.

Thanks to everyone who donated time, money, and energy. The journey is far from over and we will need the support of the community as we continue to advocate for development that brings a positive addition to the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for more information!