Madison Valley has been my home for almost 40 years

Guest post by Yvonne

I moved to Madison Valley 38 years ago. I was young and single, and my neighbors were mostly older people who were raising their children. My neighbors became my family and they looked out for me.  My two sons grew up here, and now my granddaughter visits often. 

As the older people passed away, the make-up of the neighborhood began to change.  Even as new people have moved in, there’s still a neighborly and kind feel to our street. One thing that hasn't changed is we continue to look out for each other.  We still feel like family.


Madison Valley is a great place to live. I always felt that our street was the best kept secret of the neighborhood. It's quiet and I often feel a sense of peace and calm. I worry that the noise and congestion from an oversized development will negatively impact the reasons many of us moved here. 

Over the years I've enjoyed shopping at City People's.  I also used to be a regular at Hair by Boyce, when he was in the neighborhood.  Now I enjoy two of the newer additions, Pagliacci and Simply Soulful.