SCALE - a coalition of 25 neighborhood groups including Save Madison Valley


Some of you may be aware that there is a plan to raise building height limits (“upzone”) throughout Seattle to create more housing, including affordable housing.
A coalition of 25 neighborhood groups (including Save Madison Valley!) filed an appeal with the City stating that the City hasn’t evaluated the impact to each neighborhood adequately—that they have adopted a “one size fits all” approach to growth.  Most disturbingly, there’s strong evidence that the way the upzone is currently planned we will lose more affordable housing than we gain, lose tree canopy, and destroy small businesses and neighborhoods.  It looks like the only group gaining in this move would be developers!
Save Madison Valley has lent our name to this important cause and a few board members have donated some time and some of their individual money.  As always, ALL donations from you are directed solely to our work here in Madison Valley with the City People’s development. 
Check out our neighbors throughout the City who share our concerns about responsible development and who are working to preserve the health and vitality of our City:
Baker Street Community Group
Beacon Hill Council of Seattle
Cherry Hill Community Council
Citizens for Architectural Diversity
Eastlake Community Council
Fremont Neighborhood Council
Friends of the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan
Friends of Ravenna-Cowen
Greenwood Exceptional Tree Group
Georgetown, Duwamish Valley Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
Jackson Place Community Council
Madison-Miller Park Community
Magnolia Community Council
Morgan Community Association (MoCA)
Save Madison Valley
Seattle Displacement Coalition
Seattle Fair Growth
Seniors United for Neighborhoods
South Park, Duwamish Valley Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
U District Small Businesses
University District Community Council
Wallingford Community Council
West Seattle Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO)
Westwood Roxhill Arbor Heights Community Coalition
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