City of Seattle hosts community meeting concerning the City Peoples Site

What an amazing community we have!  Speaker after speaker got up on Tuesday evening and shared their thoughts, wishes, concerns, anger, and frustrations about the development proposed for the City People’s site with city officials.
The City sent four representatives who listened carefully and took notes. Both SDCI and SDOT were represented.
People passionately highlighted the myriad difficulties with the project: the loss of tree canopy, the lack of buffers, the overwhelming size, and the dramatic traffic impact. People also offered suggestions and ideas to improve the project. A number of people repeated clearly that as a community we don't oppose development and would welcome an appropriate development for this site. 
The City Planner advised us that we could expect a decision about whether the permits are granted some time in the next months. 
Remember: there will be a final Design Review Meeting with the Design Review Board in the coming months.  Watch for notice about when and where.  That will be the next opportunity we have as a community to attend a public meeting and speak out about this project.  We made an impact last night – please plan to come and do it again.

Thank you for your continued support!