It's not over yet!

The Design Review Board met for the fourth time to hear about the City People’s
project Wednesday evening, and this time they moved the project the next step

If you weren’t able to attend the design meeting, you should know that your
neighbors spoke eloquently, thoughtfully, and presented hard data and heart-felt
messages. This project has helped our community grow closer and stronger in our
awareness of what it means to be a community, and why that’s worth defending.

The Design Board’s decision is disappointing, but not surprising. They are not
standing up for communities, and not standing up against irresponsible, profit-
driven development.

What’s next? The developer will be receiving the MUP (master use permit) some
time in the coming weeks or months. At that point we can appeal their MUP. Our
land use attorney will make our case before the Hearing Examiner.

Join us in the fight. All of us together can make a difference in our neighborhood.