SMV appeals permit granted by Department of Inspection and Construction to proposed development at 2925 E Madison

Save Madison Valley has submitted its 105-page appeal of the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection's approval of plans for the 82-unit mixed-use development--The Madison. A few members of our community feel strongly that this project is NOT RIGHT. Together they have donated $17,000 as a matching grant to jumpstart our appeal.

• A building that towers 80 feet high in an “NC-40” zone (four-story zone)? • Clear cut a protected grove and exceptional trees? • A massive building in a liquefaction zone with a history of flooding? • Inviting in traffic that will overwhelm our streets and intersections—turning our walkable neighborhood into a drive-through?

Does this sound like responsible development to you???

Let’s tell the City we want them to do their job to protect communities and manage development. We want our neighborhood — and our City — to grow in a way that is healthy and livable.

Please consider donating today to double your donation. And please pass this email along to your friends and neighbors, or ask them to sign up for emails at "Take Action" above.