Help us remind the city of their responsibility to manage development in our city’s neighborhoods!

Some traffic facts to consider:

Did you know that an average PCC supermarket receives 25-35 truck deliveries daily? The delivery dock and front curb on Madison are not sufficient for the volume of deliveries, leading to trucks spilling into the street, blocking traffic. Shoppers and trucks will use the same, solo entrance on Madison to enter and exit. The City has said they will not add a traffic light or center turn lane-- forcing frustrated west-bound drivers to turn right, diverting traffic through smaller neighborhood streets when a left turn becomes impossible. On-street parking will be lost—and no one has adequately assessed how much, where, or what the impacts will be. Most supermarkets are on corner sites, aiding the heavy flow of traffic from shoppers and delivery trucks. This is a mid-block site, with a single entrance for deliveries and shoppers, on an already congested patch of East Madison. Drivers from 82 apartments will enter and exit the garage on Dewey.

If you want Madison Valley to grow in a manner that maintains it’s walkable character, rather than turning into a car-centric stop along Madison, then say NO to reckless development and help fund our appeal. Show the City you care about your neighborhood. Your support matters!

(Thank you to our traffic consultant for gathering these data and studying similar sites to provide this information.)