Save Madison Valley Appeal Update


The Hearing resumes today February 5th, through tomorrow – depending upon the length of the developer’s and City’s testimony.

If you missed the Hearing in December, you can listen to the proceedings here. Save Madison Valley made a strong case showing the oversights and guideline/code violations around the project’s height, bulk, and scale; impact to the hillside of exceptional trees; threat of flooding; and unmitigated traffic impacts.

The Hearing was scheduled to end in December, but the developer and City requested and were granted extra time to make their case. These extra days were not in the budget! Thank you for your generous support over these long, three years, and please consider another donation now – every bit helps.

We’ve come a long way together. Help us get through these final days of the hearing so we can hold the city and developer accountable – and ultimately have a project that fits our community!