Example Feedback Letter

to: prc@seattle.gov

from: Feedback on Project 3020338

Dear Magda Hogness,

This letter is in response to the proposal submitted for the Early Design Guidance Meeting for the project named above.

I want to acknowledge the progress made: the architect and developer have responded to the Board’s recommendation to add housing on the backside of the building, and the garage is no longer exposed.

There remain a number of concerns. The height, bulk, and scale have still not been addressed on the residential side of the building. The planting area in front of the townhomes is minimal and won’t be adequate to recreate the urban green space that has provided ecological services to the area and served as a buffer. Exceptional trees are being removed, and the replacement plantings are not comparable. The upper level setbacks are inadequate so that the net result is a large, looming building that towers over the narrow, largely pedestrian street of Dewey. Many people use Dewey as a walkway to the p-patch, Madison, and the Arboretum.

The backside of the building abuts a quiet, residential area. A garage entrance on Dewey would dramatically impact the pedestrian-friendly nature of Dewey.

Surrounding streets, such as Republican, 29th , and 30th , would all become less safe. Many people have asked for a gathering space for the general community on Madison. This has again not been included in the plan. The building is a very large retail space that will dominate the commercial area of Madison Valley. We hope the developer will offer back to the community a gathering area.

I hope you will encourage the Board to continue to guide the developer and architect to make this project a better fit for our neighborhood.

Thank you.